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Our Story

My name is Janet and I am the founder of Luvabye musical baby bottles. As a mother of four children, a grandmother and a great grandmother I’ve had my fair share of  caring for children. One day after tending my grandson who was suffering with colic, I was left asking myself; "why isn’t there a better way to resolve this problem.” That's when I suddenly had an "Aha-moment."

Instead of settling for the status quo, I set out designing a bottle feeding solution that would do much more by helping the millions of infants who suffer from chronic digestive issues. Yet at the same time make each feeding relaxed and enjoyable.

I began developing an innovative and extremely functional musical baby bottle and sippy cup with a built in mini mp3 base unit. While addressing the issues of colic and infant acid reflux, it was imparitive the design also had an anti colic reduction valve that would eliminate trapped air from the bottle. I designed products that set new standards in the baby care industry and provides what babies need and parents want....happier, healthier feedings.

Luvabye is out to change how bottle feeding is done, with creative solutions. From that original idea, we have grown the company to where it is today.

Our Mission

Janet says that Luvabye has a simple Mission: Strive to create the finest baby bottles and sippy cups which resolve feeding issues encountered by millions of young children, while maintaining our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Please continue to explore our website and see why babies, toddlers and parents are praising our products. Thank you for supporting our business and allowing us to be your one stop bottle feeding source!

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