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I'm sure all parents have been through this, where your child can't go anywhere or do anything without their favorite blankie. Well my 9 mos. old has just discovered her new best friend and constant companion. Her blankie has officially been demoted. She won't go or do anything without her Luvabye bottle. So I also bought their sippy cup for her to try. Oh boy, she loves it. She thinks she is such a big girl now! We are loyal customers and big fans!!

Joannie J. Tustin Hills- Santa Ana, CA,

I have an infant and a 2 and a half year old child. They have both experienced some pretty excessive digestion problems while using their previously used bottle brands. We now have them using the musical bottles offered from Luvabye for our baby and their neat little sippy cups for our toddler. Joyful kids and problem solved.

Mommyagain Henderson, NV,

Why hasn't anyone thought of this before. An all-in-one feeding concept that addresses colic and fussiness, better flow rates and music that calm's during feeding times. These are high quality bottles that every parent needs. After bottle feeding my first three children who all had issues with colic, I finally found Luvabye Musical Baby Bottles for my newborn. I certainly could have used them then, but now feedings with our five week old.... life is great.

Olivia S. Shreveport, LA,

I have a 3 month old who I just could not wean from breast feeding. My maternity leave was up and it was time to return back to work. But no matter what bottle we tried, he would scream and refuse. A friend suggested I try Luvabye bottles and to my surprise, he loved them. They were easy for him to latch, they stopped his burping and spit-ups and the music sends him into dream land every time. These bottles are amazing! Thank You!!!

Carrie T. Mapleton, UT, Designer

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