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Baby Bottles

Baby Bottles

Luvabye Musical Baby Bottles

Turn fussy feedings into dream feedings

They say that music soothes the soul and Luvabye baby bottles can calm even the fussiest feeding baby. We offer the industries first musical baby bottles that are uniquely engineered to benefit both baby and parents. Our patent pending products will change how you think bottle feeding should be done. Research shows music has a profound effect on young developing minds. The right music can appease and pacify, yet can also stimulate the learning and comprehension neurotransmitters in the brain. In fact, the right music can soothe and settle an overactive digestive system which will promote better bottle feedings. We feel that each feeding should be as enjoyable for parents as it is for babies. Luvabye bottles allow you to personalize a music therapy program that can provide a relaxing, stress free environment while feeding. It turns fussy feedings into a joyful bonding experience that you can both look forward to.

All of our bottle feeding products feature a uniquely engineered base unit which holds our one of a kind, fully functional mini MP3 sound module with complete USB and SD card capabilities. So you can download music to fit your specific needs. With Luvabye, you get a totally self contained, go anywhere, any time feeding solution. It is a robust choice that allows you to generate hours of harmonious music and pleasant feeding experiences. The real bonus is that all of our bottles promote it in a more nurturing, stress free way.

Luvabye baby bottles feature our scientifically designed anti colic reduction valve system that reduces gas, burping and spit ups. Studies have shown that 10-40% of all infants will suffer from colic or acid reflux. So it’s important that our design helps eliminate digestion issues, and assist with vitamin and nutrient preservation. It reduces trapped air from the fluid in the bottle by simply directing the airflow through the anti colic reduction valve.

Luvabye bottles also feature our True Flow® nipples with an easy latch and feel with a natural fluid flow rate that duplicates a mothers breast flow rate. The nipples natural shape and feel mimics a mothers own breast to fit your baby’s mouth. Making bottle feeding as naturally close and comfortable to breast feeding, is our goal.

All base units simply unscrew from the main body of the bottle to assure the sound module never gets wet or ruined during the cleaning process. Another great feature is each musical base unit is interchangeable between baby bottles and our sippy cups. They feature openings which allow for easy fill and cleaning and are dishwasher and sterilizer safe. Luvabye products are designed to grow with your child and meet their developmental needs. Our bottles are manufactured with polypropylene and silicone that is BPH/BPS and PVC free.

We are proud that our products are made in the USA.

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