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Sippy Cups

Sippy Cups

Luvabye Musical Sippy Cups

Drink time should be fun time, that’s why Luvabye sippy cups are so different. Our sippy cup’s will entice, then activate your toddlers imagination’s. We offer the only musical sippy cup’s that allow you to personalize a musical therapy program that can reach them on their level. Luvabye Sippy Cups are a transitional cup designed to take your little one from bottle to drinking cup, for that next stage of their developing lives. Each cup has our Sure-Grip® contoured handle that is ergonomically shaped to fit their growing hands and can easily be removed as they grow.

The American Academy of Pediatrics studies have shown that the best time to start introducing your baby to a learning or training cup – also known as a sippy cup, is between ages 4 to 12 months of age. Because every baby develops and advances differently, we suggest you consult and follow the advise of your pediatrician.

Research has also found that music assists with growing minds. The right type of music can have major effects with the developmental and learning process with children. It has been found that music such as classical music, playtime music and nursery rhymes aid in children’s brain and mental growth stimulation patterns, which enhances your child’s ability to learn.

If you have issues with a toddler who is going through those fussy or painfully picky feeding phases, then you will be pleased with the positive results you get with your child’s use of the Luvabye Sippy Cup. The music and ease of use will naturally encourage better feedings no matter where you go or what they’re doing.

All of our products feature our uniquely designed base unit’s which easily unscrews from the main body of the bottle to ensure it doesn’t get wet during cleaning. It holds the fully functional mini mp3 player sound module with complete USB and SD card capabilities, so you can design music to fit your specific needs. It’s a robust choice that allows you to generate hours of music and wonderful feeding experiences.
They are durable, spill proof and lightweight. The 8-oz./240 ml. musical sippy cup is perfect for your active toddler who wants to make drink time the best time of their busy day. The wide mouth design allows for easy assembly and cleaning and are dishwasher and sterilizer safe. Our products are manufactured in the USA with Polypropylene and Silicone that is BPH/BPS and PVC free.

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